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Our Investment Philosophy and Process

We believe the following...

  • We must realize we are in extraordinary times
  • It is difficult to be a successful investor over the long term
  • Someone has to be non-emotional, disciplined, and systematic to actually make money over time.
  • Investors are going to have to moderate expectations and lengthen time frames.
  • We must be honest with our clients and realize we cannot give them something the financial markets do not provide.
  • We must ascertain if the client is more fearful of losing a dollar of principal or a dollar of profit. be true

  • Winning by not losing is paramount. Caution is the order of the day.
  • Every investment choice risks being wrong hence the need to hedge your choices.
  • There is a high price one pays for mistakes these days, therefore we do not want to make big bets or bold decisions.
  • We have researched and located a pool of experienced managers with broad, flexible mandates with strong track records who are good stewards of invested capital.
  • We are willing to cede capital allocation decisions to managers who are better able to navigate the current macroeconomic uncertainty

Portfolio Construction

  • We use a pool of managers in whom we trust, depending on the needs of the client.
  • We will structure the portfolio to meet their risk tolerance, investment time frame, and investment objective of individual clients.
  • Their portfolio will be monitored to ensure portfolio is performing to our expectations.