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Divorce Client Services

At Price Financial Group, we help clients stay focused on the big picture while understanding the details, knowing their finances and negotiating for what they need and want. We work with divorcing individuals to provide clarity on the critical financial issues that arise before, during and after divorce.

Responsibilities to our clients include:

Divorcing individuals

  • Educate you on your finances to create a clear view of the path ahead
  • Gather and assess financial assets and liabilities for your statement of net worth/financial affidavit
  • Categorize and review historical spending patterns
  • Determine and document separate and marital assets
  • Locate hidden assets and trace funds moved between accounts
  • Document marital standard of living
  • Review financial statements and tax returns
  • Prioritize personal financial goals and responsibilities
  • Project anticipated financial needs
  • Review public and private sector retirement plans
  • Review and evaluate employee benefits (including stock options and restricted options)
  • Collect, analyze and review insurance policies (Term, Whole Life, Buy-Sell)
  • Analyze and review executive compensation plans
  • Project post-divorce household funding requirements
  • Compare, contrast and tailor a settlement that fully addresses current and long-term financial needs

Post-divorcing individuals

  • Execute strategic financial plan
  • Update financial plans as required
  • Assist the wealth management group in identifying and implementing our clients’ post-divorce financial goals
  • Monitor and provide support to effectuate the terms of settlement agreements and divorce judgments

Each divorce is different and no two follow exactly the same path. Whether the divorce was your idea or you suddenly find yourself going down a road you never wanted to travel, you should be aware of all the issues involved for reaching the best outcome. Divorce raises tough questions. We have the answers.